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  1. Photo of K. Raghavendra Rao

    K. Raghavendra Rao Director

  2. Photo of Diwakar Babu

    Diwakar Babu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Chiranjeevi

    Chiranjeevi Cast

  4. Photo of Ramya Krishna

    Ramya Krishna Cast

  5. Photo of Sakshisivananda

    Sakshisivananda Cast

  6. Photo of Mallikharjunarao

    Mallikharjunarao Cast

  7. Photo of Rambha

    Rambha Cast

  8. Photo of Saakshi Sivanand

    Saakshi Sivanand Cast

  9. Photo of Chandramohan

    Chandramohan Cast

  10. Photo of Vijaya Y.

    Vijaya Y. Cast

  11. Photo of Suresh

    Suresh Cast