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  1. Photo of Phillips Smalley

    Phillips Smalley Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Lois Weber

    Lois Weber Director, Screenplay Cast

  3. Photo of James Oppenheim

    James Oppenheim Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mary MacLaren

    Mary MacLaren Cast

  5. Photo of Edward Hearn

    Edward Hearn Cast

  6. Photo of Seymour Hastings

    Seymour Hastings Cast

  7. Photo of Countess Du Cello

    Countess Du Cello Cast

  8. Photo of Pauline Aster

    Pauline Aster Cast

  9. Photo of Cecilia Matthews

    Cecilia Matthews Cast

  10. Photo of Ben F. Wilson

    Ben F. Wilson Cast

  11. Photo of Maude George

    Maude George Cast

  12. Photo of Neva Gerber

    Neva Gerber Cast

  13. Photo of Charles Perley

    Charles Perley Cast

  14. Photo of Mattie Witting

    Mattie Witting Cast

  15. Photo of Allen G. Siegler

    Allen G. Siegler Cinematography