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  1. Photo of Evgeny Ruman

    Evgeny Ruman Director

  2. Photo of Dita Guery

    Dita Guery Screenplay

  3. Photo of Eitan Londner

    Eitan Londner Screenplay

  4. Photo of Menashe Noy

    Menashe Noy Cast

  5. Photo of Alexander Senderovich

    Alexander Senderovich Cast

  6. Photo of Gera Sandler

    Gera Sandler Cast

  7. Photo of Tomasz Sobczak

    Tomasz Sobczak Cast

  8. Photo of Itai Shcherback

    Itai Shcherback Cast

  9. Photo of Ola Schur Selektar

    Ola Schur Selektar Cast

  10. Photo of Vitali Voskoboinkov

    Vitali Voskoboinkov Cast

  11. Photo of Clil Arbel

    Clil Arbel Cast

  12. Photo of Dorin Kaspi

    Dorin Kaspi Cast

  13. Photo of Avinoam Mor Chaim

    Avinoam Mor Chaim Cast

  14. Photo of Adam Sikora

    Adam Sikora Cinematography

  15. Photo of Antoni Lazarkiewicz

    Antoni Lazarkiewicz Music

  16. Photo of Wojciech Zogala

    Wojciech Zogala Production Design

  17. Photo of Emely Christians

    Emely Christians Producer

  18. Photo of Tami Leon

    Tami Leon Producer

  19. Photo of Chlik Michaeli

    Chlik Michaeli Producer

  20. Photo of Piotr Mularuk

    Piotr Mularuk Producer

  21. Photo of Magdalena Napieracz

    Magdalena Napieracz Producer

  22. Photo of Avraham Pirchi

    Avraham Pirchi Producer

  23. Photo of Julia Shifter

    Julia Shifter Producer