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  1. Photo of Monte Hellman

    Monte Hellman Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Franco Di Nunzio

    Franco Di Nunzio Producer

  3. Photo of Jamie Comas Gil

    Jamie Comas Gil Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Franco Campanino

    Franco Campanino Music

  5. Photo of Everett McGill

    Everett McGill Cast

  6. Photo of Maru Valdivielso

    Maru Valdivielso Cast

  7. Photo of Fabio Testi

    Fabio Testi Cast

  8. Photo of Steven Gaydos

    Steven Gaydos Screenplay

  9. Photo of David M. Zehr

    David M. Zehr Screenplay

  10. Photo of Alberto Vázquez Figueroa

    Alberto Vázquez Figueroa Screenplay

  11. Photo of Timothy C. Ryan

    Timothy C. Ryan Cast

  12. Photo of Joseph Culp

    Joseph Culp Cast

  13. Photo of Michael Madsen

    Michael Madsen Cast

  14. Photo of Augustín Guevara

    Augustín Guevara Cast

  15. Photo of Carmelo Reyes

    Carmelo Reyes Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Bradford

    Michael Bradford Cast

  17. Photo of Roger Kendall

    Roger Kendall Cast

  18. Photo of Robert Case

    Robert Case Cast