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This film of aging, regret, and the meaning of life starts with realization and ends with understanding that it's nearly impossible to not become ambassadors for him in the climax. Even more heartbreaking the 2nd time around, this exercise in empathy is another jewel in the crown of the master Akira Kurosawa.

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Akira Kurosawa's humanistic masterpiece might very well be my greatest experience with one of the masters of Japanese cinema. It's a film with unrivaled warmth and heart. Containing everything from heart-wrenching scenes, bustling city life, to comical situations and sharp criticism of the bureaucracy, Ikiru somehow portrays it all in well-balanced manner, as we follow the old bureaucrat Kanji Watanabe on his path towards death and his struggle to find some kind of meaning in his empty life.

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" Life is so short / Fall in love, dear maiden / While your lips are still red / And before you are cold, / For there will be no tomorrow. "

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Federico Di Folco


Struggente ed intenso avvicinamento alla morte,non solo nell'accettazione ma nel trovare in essa un modo per sistemare le cose,per dare un senso alla vita.Partendo dalla condanna dell'alienazione di un impiegato,Kurosawa crea un'opera immensa,cupa e vivida,che parla di uomini e sentimenti,di paure ed incomunicabilità.La mezz'ora finale ricalca molto Rashomon ed è meravigliosa.Insomma,un capolavoro di umanità.5*

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Self-indulgent melodrama. I fail to see the appeal.

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Jugu Abraham


Not many movies can claim to be the subject of peer-reviewed scientific papers in reputed journals. Akira Kurosawa's "Ikiru" (To Live) (1952) is one such masterpiece that regales us 60 years after it was made and contributes to science as well. "Ikiru" is a film that exhibits the strengths of good direction, screenplay and acting. A detailed review of the Berlin Film Festival winner is at

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joey Noodles


I admit, I nearly cried during the 'Life is Brief' scene and the swing.

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life sucks then you die. a masterpiece in soul-crushing cinema.

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Maudy Puteri Agusdina


I adore Takashi Shimura's performance. What a wonderful movie :)

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Egi Primayogha


To the bureaucrats, public servants in the whole universe: Do the same thing as Watanabe did, death is knocking at the front, accept that.

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"I can't afford to hate people. I haven't got that kind of time."

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Stunning, this is one of those films that achieved what I consider a cinematic perfection. What I mean by that is that this is one of those films that can change the way the audience look at their life and how to make the most of it. Beautiful.

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Stathis Athanasiou


Unsurpassable performance by Takashi Shimura. Legendary!

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William Low


Beautiful, heart wrenching and humane. Kurosawa's venture into drama resulted into one of his best masterpiece that successfully capture the spirits of a dying and lonely man, his conflicts and his legacy to the peoples around him. Will surely touch your heart deeply with some very heart wrenching scenes.

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Kurosawa's elegiac masterpiece uncovers the varied contours of human expectation as it confronts the realization of the certainty of death while battling against the vestiges that come from the abandonment of hope. Through a darkened lense Kurosawa secures a timeless collage of intertwining mirrors, of human despondency reflecting on itself against the unyielding canvas of mandarin mediocrity.

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This movie may enlighten you at any point in your lifetime.

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"The best way to protect your place in this world is to do nothing at all." Locked in public affairs and drowning in bureaucracy, a stroll through the dichotomy of life. One, a collection of memories, and the other a perceived legacy. A beautiful exhibition of blocking and photography. However, the story structure is hard to stomach. "In other words," I feel the second half should be interlaced with the first.

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Dionisius Amendola


Akira Kurosawa's most beautiful movie.

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One of the most sincere and thought provoking movies I've ever been witness to. Takashi Shimura is mesmerising. An instant favourite.

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Someone once told me that the Kill Bill movies portrayed emotions better than this.