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  1. alfredodimalo's rating of the film Il divo

  2. lou.'s rating of the film Il divo

    «Livia, sono gli occhi tuoi pieni che mi hanno folgorato un pomeriggio andato al cimitero del Verano. Si passeggiava, io scelsi quel luogo singolare per chiederti in sposa – ti ricordi? Sì, lo so, ti ricordi. Gli occhi tuoi pieni e puliti e incantati non sapevano, non sanno e non sapranno. Bisogna amare così tanto Dio per capire quanto sia necessario il male per avere il bene. Questo Dio lo sa, e lo so anch’io».

  3. miles's rating of the film Il divo

    Seen 3 Sorrentino films, and they all just look amazing. The story was so so in this but need to watch it again for sure.

  4. smndvdcl's rating of the film Il divo

    Sorrentino is definitely an acquired taste, but 'Il Divo' remains a magnum opus to rival anything by Elio Petri, Federico Fellini, or more contentiously, Bernardo Bertolucci.

  5. Oussssama's rating of the film Il divo

    One star for the cinematography, and the other for my Toni

  6. Violet Rien's rating of the film Il divo

    Interesting, but it just scratches the surface.

  7. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Il divo

    Masterful direction. Beautiful to watch. Some of the politics were lost on me, but the visual storytelling was quite grand.

  8. David R Williams's rating of the film Il divo

    The beauty and elegance of carnage and corruption. Flawless.

  9. HOB96's rating of the film Il divo

    The filming was interesting... Reminded me a little of what David O. Russel did in films like American Hustle.

  10. Nick Potter's rating of the film Il divo

    My third experience with Sorrentino does not fail me whatsoever. The story of Italian politics and deception was endlessly intriguing, and the nonlinear format always kept it interesting. Servillo is such a master.

  11. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film Il divo

    As an American unfamiliar with Andreotti's story or the characters in Italian politics, I found it fairly confusing and hard to follow. I really wanted to know why Andreotti would be so adored, as he comes across as warm as a mannequin and utterly ruthless. Yet, that ruthlessness also made this compelling, as did the strange handlers surrounding Il Divo. Now I want to read more about this period and watch it again.

  12. David Richards's rating of the film Il divo

    I liked the visual style of this film. There were lots of surprising moments. It was a bit hard to follow as to historical details and it would have helped to know a bit more about contemporary Italian politics. However, it wasn't a documentary and it did succeed as the portrait of a powerful and complex man. The acting, in particular the lead role, was very strong.

  13. Landen Celano's rating of the film Il divo

  14. Bram Vroonland's rating of the film Il divo

    Il Divo is a well shot movie, as we have come to expect from Sorrentino. Sweeping tracking shots, beautiful mise-en-scene and great acting are all in there. Yet the story lacks export value. I believe the experience would be far better if you'd be aware of what's being told.

  15. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Il divo

    This movie gets 3 stars just for style. This is the problem with those Catholics. They sin, but they know God is on their side.

  16. saltwater's rating of the film Il divo

    Servillo is brilliant as the cold, witty, and machiavellian Andreotti. Excellent flow and pacing of the film, but there are too many characters introduced and then immediately sent off. Music selection is a fun spectrum of beautiful to bizarre.

  17. ginobartolomi's rating of the film Il divo

    Sorrentino has a very distinct way of getting his entire cast and production crew to buy into his vision. It's usually quite eccentric and uncommon, so I have to salute him for being able to create these worlds where all who play a role seem exceptionally liberated and committed to his end goals. 'Il Divo' is highly stylized, and it has some beautiful moments, but overall I would have to say it's a bit overdone...↓

  18. crystal meff's rating of the film Il divo

    Did Andreotti bite his fingernails ?.... because Toni Servillo's are bitten to the quick..... stout albino cucumbers. Anxious and obsessive.

  19. Brian Lancaster's rating of the film Il divo

    I loved the subtle notes of style and humor

  20. ihor's rating of the film Il divo

    Politics Italian style with an Italian hyperstylized account of it. The study of Andreotti isn't one so much in fact as in myth. Sorrentino is more concerned about the idea of the man and even more so how to present the idea in a clever snappy way than an actual account of his life. Unfortunately this too often results in a triumph of style over substance through wry humor and a cliche of cynical goons.

  21. ammar's rating of the film Il divo

  22. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film Il divo

    Intentionally, Mr. Sorrentino made this film with full risk. Obviously, it can "reach" only a limited audience. From whom it can be expected to know about Democrazia Cristiana, Aldo Moro, Carmine Pecorelli, Salvatore Riina, Brigate Rosse & about 40-year-long-Andreotti-power-games? No way. Consequently, it is "just" a character study. Performed by outstanding Toni Servillo. Il Divo actually is Il Diavolo. Solid.

  23. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Il divo

  24. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Il divo

    The system does its work, and we can only watch. I wanted to crawl under a rock on viewing this.

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