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  1. lou.'s rating of the film Leopardi

    { I should probably write a paper about it }

  2. Mauro Pagano's rating of the film Leopardi

  3. Laura Lavorato's rating of the film Leopardi

    What a shame. The movie could have been a masterpiece, Elio Germano is good but the narrative is truly weak. Bits of poetry here and there cannot make up for the most evident flaw of the movie: it does not build up an emotional 'connection'. It feels disjointed, unfulfilled.

  4. mpiedfort's rating of the film Leopardi

    I saw this at the Charleston Nuovo Cinema Italiano Film festival yesterday as "Leopardi." I swear we saw a version that was less than 2 hours long. Maybe it would've made more sense if the extra 20m-30m was left in there

  5. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Leopardi

    Finalmente Martone ci regala una pellicola italiana fuori dalle righe e lo fà con una notevole cifra stilistica,una messa in scena cupa ed adeguata ed una bellissima commistione tra poesia e musiche.Germano è bravo,esprime bene la complessità ed il pessimismo di Leopardi(pur risultando a volte eccessivamente didascalico) ed il film spazia bene tra i vari periodi,denotando continuità e profondità di concetti....bravi.

  6. le Gars's rating of the film Leopardi

    The film is great when it doesn't try to visualize Leopardi's poems. The first part, set in Recanati, is beautifully filled with poetry and emotion. The second part is a bit calligraphic. Martone's film is definitely not about poetry but politics. Germano is monumental.

  7. Marta Donati's rating of the film Leopardi

    A beautifully lyrical film based on the life and works of Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi, masterly played by Elio Germano. Highly recommended: this film is honest, faithful and respectful, as well as very aesthetically pleasing. Plus, the choice of soundtrack is one of the highlights of the film.

  8. Ale/M's rating of the film Leopardi

  9. FAKE_001's rating of the film Leopardi

  10. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Leopardi

    I wish Martone made this film twenty years ago. I would have appreciated Giacomo Leopardi's opus much more (and who knew that the Poet of Cosmic Pessimism was a gelato freak?). And now that the Zibaldone is finally available in English, all I want is a zabaglione gelato.

  11. @frassivan's rating of the film Leopardi

  12. Francesco Tonelli's rating of the film Leopardi

    Some good scenes, some stupid scenes; some good images, some trivial images; some good musics, some amiss musics. But no emotions, not at all.

  13. Marta's rating of the film Leopardi

    Germano was good but the movie completely fails to show Leopardi's complexity as a poet and human being.

  14. Enrico Gaudenzi's rating of the film Leopardi

    Ambizioso, poetico, girato con mano sicura con un lirismo visivo degno dei pittori del grand tour d'inizio XIX. Da vedere in sala

  15. Giulia Galbarini's rating of the film Leopardi

    Great soundtrack, curated by Apparat (Sascha Ring). One of my favorite tracks is Goodbye, the instrumental version is so dreamy.