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  1. Photo of Pier Giorgio Bellocchio

    Pier Giorgio Bellocchio Executive Producer, Producer

  2. Photo of Andrea Marotti

    Andrea Marotti Executive Producer, Producer

  3. Photo of Roberto Leggio

    Roberto Leggio Screenplay, Director, Cast

  4. Photo of Igor Maltagliati

    Igor Maltagliati Screenplay

  5. Photo of Fabrizio La Palombara

    Fabrizio La Palombara Cinematography, Cast

  6. Photo of Giorgio Baldi

    Giorgio Baldi Music

  7. Photo of Riccardo Giagni

    Riccardo Giagni Music

  8. Photo of Fulvio Molena

    Fulvio Molena Editing

  9. Photo of Roberto Papi

    Roberto Papi Production Design

  10. Photo of Fabrizio Bacherini

    Fabrizio Bacherini Sound

  11. Photo of Federico Tummolo

    Federico Tummolo Sound

  12. Photo of Rob David

    Rob David Cast

  13. Photo of Federico Greco

    Federico Greco Cast, Director, Screenplay

  14. Photo of Valentina Lodovini

    Valentina Lodovini Cast

  15. Photo of Fausto Maria Sciarappa

    Fausto Maria Sciarappa Cast

  16. Photo of Simonetta Solder

    Simonetta Solder Cast