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  1. Photo of Adi Omanovic

    Adi Omanovic Director, Editing, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Helena af Sandeberg

    Helena af Sandeberg Cast

  3. Photo of Yohanna Idha

    Yohanna Idha Cast

  4. Photo of Anna Adolfsson

    Anna Adolfsson Cast

  5. Photo of Karin Bertling

    Karin Bertling Cast

  6. Photo of Conny Vakare

    Conny Vakare Cast

  7. Photo of Marko Ivkovich

    Marko Ivkovich Cast

  8. Photo of Linda Gerstenmayer

    Linda Gerstenmayer Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Brynolf

    Peter Brynolf Cast

  10. Photo of Anna Eliasson

    Anna Eliasson Cast

  11. Photo of Alexandru Timosca

    Alexandru Timosca Cinematography

  12. Photo of Robert Lundgren

    Robert Lundgren Music

  13. Photo of Mak Omanovic

    Mak Omanovic Producer, Editing, Director Screenplay