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  1. kartina obskura's rating of the film Illusive Crime

    it probably believes in people´s will to actually take that other life more than i do but how different narratives weave into/over/through each other, a camera that avoids almost everything but windows and mirrors (so, the film happens somewhere else, as that same life she´s talking about) joined with obscure sound and music - is just so good

  2. Stephanie Mason's rating of the film Illusive Crime

    Strange and fascinating film, which plays with sound. image and narrative in an original and disturbing manner. I remember first seeing this in the 70s and then it seemed to disappear. Just found out it is now available as part of a boxset called "An Unflinching Eye" (The Films of Richard Woolley) from the BFI. It's an insidious and metiuclously crafted little masterpiece (50 mins), as relevant today as it ever was.

  3. HM's rating of the film Illusive Crime

    Hey, this is a weird, but totally original film that both draws you in and makes you aware of watching at the same time. A very accessible experiment that crosses all sorts of borders between mainstream and off-beat, as well as tackling taboe areas such as rape. This is the kind of film that gives the tag 'experimental' a good name and I just wish this guy was still making films -- apparently he writes novels now!