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  1. Photo of Dino Risi

    Dino Risi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marco Risi

    Marco Risi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Massimo Franciosa

    Massimo Franciosa Screenplay

  4. Photo of Renato Pozzetto

    Renato Pozzetto Cast

  5. Photo of Edwige Fenech

    Edwige Fenech Cast

  6. Photo of Aldo Maccione

    Aldo Maccione Cast

  7. Photo of Julien Guiomar

    Julien Guiomar Cast

  8. Photo of Michel Galabru

    Michel Galabru Cast

  9. Photo of Gino Santercole

    Gino Santercole Cast

  10. Photo of Massimo Boldi

    Massimo Boldi Cast

  11. Photo of Livia Ermolli

    Livia Ermolli Cast

  12. Photo of Paolo Baroni

    Paolo Baroni Cast

  13. Photo of Eolo Capritti

    Eolo Capritti Cast

  14. Photo of Salvatore Campochiaro

    Salvatore Campochiaro Cast

  15. Photo of Luigi Di Sales

    Luigi Di Sales Cast

  16. Photo of Attilio Dottesio

    Attilio Dottesio Cast

  17. Photo of Bruna Cealti

    Bruna Cealti Cast

  18. Photo of Guido Mariotti

    Guido Mariotti Cast

  19. Photo of Paolo de Manincor

    Paolo de Manincor Cast

  20. Photo of Roberta Lerici

    Roberta Lerici Cast

  21. Photo of Vittorio Gassman

    Vittorio Gassman Cast

  22. Photo of Barbara Bouchet

    Barbara Bouchet Cast

  23. Photo of Ugo Tognazzi

    Ugo Tognazzi Cast

  24. Photo of Mario Monicelli

    Mario Monicelli Cast

  25. Photo of Tonino Delli Colli

    Tonino Delli Colli Cinematography

  26. Photo of Manuel De Sica

    Manuel De Sica Music

  27. Photo of Ezio Altieri

    Ezio Altieri Production Design

  28. Photo of Pio Angeletti

    Pio Angeletti Producer

  29. Photo of Adriano De Micheli

    Adriano De Micheli Producer

  30. Photo of Edmond Ténoudji

    Edmond Ténoudji Producer

  31. Photo of Alberto Gallitti

    Alberto Gallitti Editing