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  1. Photo of Holger Haase

    Holger Haase Director

  2. Photo of Wilhelm Hauff

    Wilhelm Hauff Screenplay

  3. Photo of Stefan Barth

    Stefan Barth Screenplay

  4. Photo of Uwe Schäfer

    Uwe Schäfer Cinematography

  5. Photo of Mirko Schulze

    Mirko Schulze Producer

  6. Photo of Pasquale Aleardi

    Pasquale Aleardi Cast

  7. Photo of Annette Frier

    Annette Frier Cast

  8. Photo of Andreas Schmidt

    Andreas Schmidt Cast

  9. Photo of Thomas Heinze

    Thomas Heinze Cast

  10. Photo of Michael Kessler

    Michael Kessler Cast

  11. Photo of Alexander Hörbe

    Alexander Hörbe Cast

  12. Photo of Sonja Gerhardt

    Sonja Gerhardt Cast

  13. Photo of Judith Hoersch

    Judith Hoersch Cast

  14. Photo of Uli Krohm

    Uli Krohm Cast

  15. Photo of Tobias Kulzer

    Tobias Kulzer Cast

  16. Photo of Paulina Fuchs

    Paulina Fuchs Cast

  17. Photo of Marina Erdmann

    Marina Erdmann Cast