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  1. Photo of Dani Levy

    Dani Levy Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rona Munro

    Rona Munro Screenplay

  3. Photo of Matthias Matussek

    Matthias Matussek Screenplay

  4. Photo of Günter Rohrbach

    Günter Rohrbach Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sebastian Blomberg

    Sebastian Blomberg Cast

  6. Photo of Maria Schrader

    Maria Schrader Cast

  7. Photo of Ezra-Valentin Lenz

    Ezra-Valentin Lenz Cast

  8. Photo of Ulrich Noethen

    Ulrich Noethen Cast

  9. Photo of Marion Kracht

    Marion Kracht Cast

  10. Photo of Hanns Zischler

    Hanns Zischler Cast

  11. Photo of Christiane Paul

    Christiane Paul Cast

  12. Photo of Elena Wilms

    Elena Wilms Cast

  13. Photo of Victor Deiß

    Victor Deiß Cast

  14. Photo of Carsten Thiele

    Carsten Thiele Cinematography

  15. Photo of Niki Reiser

    Niki Reiser Music

  16. Photo of Christian Eisele

    Christian Eisele Production Design

  17. Photo of Manuela Stehr

    Manuela Stehr Producer

  18. Photo of Elena Bromund

    Elena Bromund Editing

  19. Photo of Arno Wilms

    Arno Wilms Sound

  20. Photo of Elmar Wilms

    Elmar Wilms Sound

  21. Photo of Philipp Sellier

    Philipp Sellier Sound

  22. Photo of Andreas Musolff

    Andreas Musolff Sound

  23. Photo of Ingrid Bendzuk

    Ingrid Bendzuk Costume Design

  24. Photo of Sabine Hehnen-Wild

    Sabine Hehnen-Wild Costume Design