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  1. Photo of Sushil Malik

    Sushil Malik Director

  2. Photo of Rohan Kapoor

    Rohan Kapoor Cast

  3. Photo of Sanjay Dutt

    Sanjay Dutt Cast

  4. Photo of Pran

    Pran Cast

  5. Photo of Farha Naaz

    Farha Naaz Cast

  6. Photo of Vikas Anand

    Vikas Anand Cast

  7. Photo of Birbal

    Birbal Cast

  8. Photo of Chandrashekhar

    Chandrashekhar Cast

  9. Photo of Sudhir Dalvi

    Sudhir Dalvi Cast

  10. Photo of Raja Duggal

    Raja Duggal Cast

  11. Photo of Dinesh Hingoo

    Dinesh Hingoo Cast

  12. Photo of Satyendra Kapoor

    Satyendra Kapoor Cast

  13. Photo of Huma Khan

    Huma Khan Cast

  14. Photo of Shashi Kiran

    Shashi Kiran Cast

  15. Photo of Sumeet Saigal

    Sumeet Saigal Cast

  16. Photo of Shammi

    Shammi Cast