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  1. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    2.5 stars. Ah! the 1970s~ the decade in which sex criminals were able to express themselves freely! The actor who played André reminded me of a horsey Joe Thomas so I experienced 'The Tide' as a bleakly grubby episode of 'The Inbetweeners'. "Romance" indeed. "Drama" indeed. I liked the Švankmajerian sex noises of the second story, but then Boro had to end it with a glib rape joke. 'Bathory' truly Surrealist though.

  2. Pango's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    Positive things: The costumes, the cinematography and the Lady Bathory story was fantastic. That episode saves the film to me. Negative things: The kid in the first story (most obnoxious character in film history), the Beast start off nicely, but goes on for too long and was pretty gross.

  3. James's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    Predictably coy about showing the male (real) penis, girls fannies everywhere of course.

  4. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    For people that watch porn for the story. I reckon you can learn everything about filmmaking and genre just by watching this...

  5. rulesofachia's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    LOVED the Bathory story! The Borgia story was okay. The Beast starts off nicely but goes on for a bit too long. The church scene in Therese is good but the rest of the story is eh. The Tide is the worst, the dude was SO annoying. In general, I loved how gorgeous and painterly Immoral Tales looked but overall, it left me somewhat cold.

  6. Babak Jani's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    Some stories need to be told, and some need to be told properly. This film is neither. He has some good films but this one is one of those bad big bunch he made.

  7. Ewan Morris's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    Surreal, but not in the good sense. Mainly because the props department had to make a metre long penis. Really takes you out of the moment...

  8. vivi premiere's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    Un chef d'oeuvre!!! plusieurs contes, tous effectivement immoraux voire meme carrement derangeants, decadents, indescents... mais toujours une belle esthetique et des tas de references visuelles a des chefs d'oeuvres de la peinture ancienne ( c'est un peu un jeu de piste de retrouver tous les tableaux dont s'est inspire le realisateur). Mais surtout des themes sexy d'une liberte et d'une audace rare.

  9. kaburu's rating of the film Immoral Tales

  10. Tja's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    The title says pretty much all we need to know. Looks like '70s porn. That is all.

  11. SiIencio's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    Sensual eroticism underpinned by pleasant imaginery and delicious soundtrack. The ride is smooth and subtle, always salvaging decorum.

  12. karl's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    Cinema cake. Simply sumptuous on both the audio and visual level. 4.5

  13. chloe's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    boring and indulgent. erotic but not in the way it intends.

  14. James Hawkins's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    Naked woman gives foot-job to man in prosthetically enhanced werewolf costume. No amount of harpsichord music can make this appear classy. The cinematography is OK, but why not just watch Barry Lyndon while looking at nudie pics on Google Images on your phone?

  15. ecstatic truth's rating of the film Immoral Tales

  16. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    My second Borowczyk ends up leaving me feeling the same as Le Bete,which was at least more provocative and interesting (at times). This has a decent start,a boring second tale,okay third tale,and enjoyable final tale.It's just a shame that I never found it to be as erotic,clever,or witty as Borowczyk wanted it to be. Mind you,others love his works so certainly give it a try if you're exploring all realms of cinema.

  17. chad's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    I watched the film Immoral Tales directed by Walerian Borowczyk it is an interesting French film that plays on four different short stories of romantic, erotic and risque nature. For most conservative Americans this is definitely not the film for you. This film spikes interests because if you’ve lived your entire life in America there is nothing that compares to this film it shatters all your social norms of movies.

  18. MicheleC.'s rating of the film Immoral Tales

    I enjoy allegory in erotism. I do. It just gets boring after a while. A decent movie nonetheless, but some "tales" are better than others, so just skip to the good ones if you aren't enjoying what you're seeing

  19. sebastiaen's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    not worth wasting your time

  20. captainfez's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    I feel there's probably more effective ways to learn about tides.

  21. findfilm's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    Considering the time and place this film was made (France, 1973) it is easy to then view the separate 4 films featuring virginal sex, masturbation, beastality and incest as art rather then pornography. More so when observing the attention to detail, the costumes and the appropriate music. At times a challenge to watch but the casting aside of prudishness provides for a unique and rewarding film experience.

  22. roromancl's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    Didn't know the original had 5 parts including parts from "The Beast". Beautiful, slow cinema. Quite mesmerizing. Truly worth watching

  23. cony71's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    It usually ends wanking...

  24. turnerBroadcast p3Dr0's rating of the film Immoral Tales

    Sylvan, erotic, playful and powerful. One is swept away by the beauty of the land and the forms of humanity once long banished to the unreal. Like the beast, I am left spent - covered in leaves - by a river with a woman's corset , white, floating by. Next to a priapal column in the woods, and man oh man what a way to go.

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