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  1. Photo of Veronika Franz

    Veronika Franz Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ekateryna Rak

    Ekateryna Rak Cast

  3. Photo of Paul Hofmann

    Paul Hofmann Cast

  4. Photo of Michael Thomas

    Michael Thomas Cast

  5. Photo of Maria Hofstätter

    Maria Hofstätter Cast

  6. Photo of Georg Friedrich

    Georg Friedrich Cast

  7. Photo of Natalya Baranova

    Natalya Baranova Cast

  8. Photo of Natalja Epureanu

    Natalja Epureanu Cast

  9. Photo of Erich Finsches

    Erich Finsches Cast

  10. Photo of Edward Lachman

    Edward Lachman Cinematography

  11. Photo of Wolfgang Thaler

    Wolfgang Thaler Cinematography

  12. Photo of Andreas Donhauser

    Andreas Donhauser Production Design

  13. Photo of Renate Martin

    Renate Martin Production Design

  14. Photo of Ulrich Seidl

    Ulrich Seidl Producer, Screenplay Director

  15. Photo of Lucki Stipetic

    Lucki Stipetic Producer

  16. Photo of Christof Schertenleib

    Christof Schertenleib Editing