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  1. Photo of Néstor Almendros

    Néstor Almendros Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Orlando Jiménez Leal

    Orlando Jiménez Leal Director

  3. Photo of Michel Dumoulin

    Michel Dumoulin Cast

  4. Photo of Susan Sontag

    Susan Sontag Cast

  5. Photo of Reynaldo Arenas

    Reynaldo Arenas Cast

  6. Photo of Jorge Lago

    Jorge Lago Cast

  7. Photo of Julio Medina

    Julio Medina Cast

  8. Photo of Margaret Ménégoz

    Margaret Ménégoz Producer

  9. Photo of Barbet Schroeder

    Barbet Schroeder Producer

  10. Photo of Michel Thoulouze

    Michel Thoulouze Producer

  11. Photo of Dominique Merlin

    Dominique Merlin Cinematography

  12. Photo of Michel Pion

    Michel Pion Editing

  13. Photo of Alain Tortevoix

    Alain Tortevoix Editing

  14. Photo of Daniel Delmau

    Daniel Delmau Sound

  15. Photo of Phil Pearl

    Phil Pearl Sound

  16. Photo of Norman Koppelman

    Norman Koppelman Sound

  17. Photo of Elvire Lerner

    Elvire Lerner Sound