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Picture of hastapura



Nails the dicey line between verite technique and visual incoherence; Holland achieves genuine naturalistic power with the camera, yet the film is immaculately composed. From its painterly light to its refreshing lack of didactic dialogue (so common to tip-toeing historical dramas) the film is complex but didn't quite hit emotionally. Not a big knock - easily could be on me.

Picture of Carlos Filipe Freitas

Carlos Filipe Freitas


I was touched with one of the most joyful finales seen in a war movie. Review and rating:

Picture of Bastian Faldano

Bastian Faldano


Nazi and Jews again..... and jews take it all. anyone theres another film that tell taht Nazi take jews??

Picture of Adam Suraf

Adam Suraf


130 minutes of abject misery and ten minutes of savior, well made and moving, but grueling.

Picture of William Low

William Low


A different take on Holocaust history from the Polish point of view,had similar theme with Schindler's List and in a smaller scope but no less dramatic and powerful. Slightly slow in its pacing,the film takes its time to portray each characters story well.

Picture of J. O.

J. O.


Brutal and dark, yet sublime, this film was unusual from start to finish. A great deal of the film is spent with minimal light, the faces of characters barely lit by small hand lanterns and streaks of light pouring into the sewers - although frustrating at times, this made the above-ground scenes of winter war feel even colder and harsher than before. "In Darkness" was a highly gripping (and stressful) viewing.

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Holland made one of the best and most important Holocaust films back in '92 (Europa Europa) and though this is a very different tale it lacks in comparison. Yes, its an important story in charting the survival of Polish Jews in the sewer system during the Nazi occupation yet the film still seems to lack the ability to truly engage. Interesting choice to show both positive and negative human attributes.

Picture of Andre Rehal

Andre Rehal


I enjoyed this film mostly because it didn't victimize the all of the characters on the run, they were flawed and some did despicable things. It was a very honest portrayal on the whole.

Picture of LifeofFiction



A nearly flawlessly told holocaust story.