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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Sean's rating of the film In Dreams

    This would have been a pretty good movie if it wasn't for Annette Bening and her over acting, Jordan's direction is very visual, his movies are usually hit and miss with me but I like his style for this one. Shame that Downey Jr isn't in this movie until the 1 hr mark but he plays a pretty great psychotic. Not a terrible film but not a great one either, see this for Downey if you see it all.

  2. Tigrão's rating of the film In Dreams

    I love Neil Jordan, but that's really bad. Very clumsy dialogues and bad acting.

  3. Palmat's rating of the film In Dreams

    A really interesting mess of a movie.

  4. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film In Dreams

    I wanted to love it; it's beautifully made, has some fascinating ideas (mainly Jordan's usual interest in subverting fairy-tale iconography through something much darker and more mature), but unfortunately it takes a turn for the ridiculous and never really recovers. The ending felt like something that was added by the studio to make the film less confusing, and consequently, less interesting. A noble failure then.

  5. eye's rating of the film In Dreams