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  1. Frank ViSo's rating of the film In Passing

  2. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film In Passing

    Una serie de secuencias compuestas por tiempos muertos, que abrazan además lo experimental, desde texturas, formatos fílmicos, cada uno con un estilo distinto. No es suficiente generar un contra-discurso frente a un cine convencional. Para crear un tiempo muerto hay incluso que provocar, proponer un nuevo discurso y no una premisa. "In passing" parece el resultado de un taller de alumnos emocionados con ser rebeldes.

  3. Peter Rinaldi's rating of the film In Passing

    The "In Passing" Website -

  4. - -'s rating of the film In Passing

    I always think omnibus films are a bad idea because inevitably it will feel inconsistent. I liked some of the shorts and disliked others. Some, like "Detritus" or "Runes" had certain memorable moments, and others like "Debt" or "metronome" I found more interesting as a whole. By far my favorite is Peter Rinaldi's "Almost", which intelligently addresses artistic problems I am all too familiar with.

  5. InsertOzuReferencehere's rating of the film In Passing

    The main reason omnibus films fall short is when they try to create a theme or a piece of content that will supposedly make the film a whole. The truth is theme/content is not enough to make an omnibus film work; the filmmakers taking part have to be compatible cinematically or share a cinematic ideology. In Passing never feels like separate films, but a continuous journey through different conscious worlds. I like!!