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  1. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film In Search of Famine

    As we know, "the Novel [by extension fiction] is an exploration of existential possibilities". It implies exerting imagination toward plural scenarios along a few that upset direct apprehension. Designing change sprouts in the slippery dominion of mind; resurrecting past Facts via media requests imagining the syntax and morphology of the oncoming "Truth" which may be differently sequenced than reality. Now go instill

  2. apexa's rating of the film In Search of Famine

    In some ways this film can be seen as a "sequel" of Interview in terms of self-reflective techniques and negotiating what are the boundaries of cinema. This film shows the maturation of Sen to brilliant heights as he explores, as common in 1980s self criticism era, the divides of rural villagers and urban art intelligentsia in India.

  3. Spiritchaser's rating of the film In Search of Famine

    Out of the three Mrinal Sen films I saw (The Ruins and And Quiet Rolls The Dawn), In Search of Famine is my favourite because of its scope and vision.