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  1. Catalina Bordeanu's rating of the film In Secret

  2. ioanabogdana's rating of the film In Secret

    soooo bad especially elizabeth olsen

  3. sainte's rating of the film In Secret

    SPOILERS. Man this was pretty bad. I never felt anything for any of the characters. Also I hate when they take a story set in France with French characters, and they just make them all speak British English. Was Jessica Lange supposed to be doing an English or French accent? Either way it sucked. Oscar Isaac and Elizabeth Olsen were sort of ok. Tom Felton played well the pathetic character, was actually glad he died.

  4. Ahmed Hasan's rating of the film In Secret

  5. pickledelephant's rating of the film In Secret

    They all drowned together, it just took Thérèse and Laurent more time to hit the bottom.

  6. Ioana Șomănescu's rating of the film In Secret

    I've read the novel and I was very curious about the movie. It didn't disappoint me .

  7. Cody Hoskins's rating of the film In Secret

    A daring and sexy thriller that handles the nature of dangerous lust in the same vein of Double Indemnity and Body Heat and explores the tragic irony of pursuing desire in a world of suppression. Elizabeth Olsen is so richly layered in her vulnerability and obsession, Oscar Isaac seduces with his bad-boy charm and beauty, and Jessica Lange is an emotional marvel in a mixture of cold demeanor and broken strength.