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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film In the Family

    Its beautiful ending, along with natural and convincing performances, helped “In The Family” to stand out as a humanist, realistic, and unaggressive tale about a good man that was forced to go against a family that he considered his own. Review and Rating:

  2. jpiesco's rating of the film In the Family

    Smart, wonderful and full of truth. In most moments, you don't expect what is about to happen.

  3. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film In the Family

    Patrick Wang's debut film is a beautifully realized tale of a gay man who finds himself embroiled in a bitter custody battle for his young son after his partner, the boy's biological father, dies suddenly of an unexpected illness. Even at nearly 3 hours long, the film never overstays its welcome. It's a powerful and understated celebration of family in all its forms. The last shot is absolutely killer.

  4. Blaine Thurier's rating of the film In the Family

    A smart, modern film expressing hope and faith in humanity? Patrick Wang proves it can be done.