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  1. Aivaras_Z's rating of the film In the Fog

    What does it mean to stay human in the face of brutality coming from all sides? Sometimes it means staying in the grey fog and alienated even from your close ones. And paying an unbearable price. A dark, tragic tale driven by silence. Another masterful work from Loznitsa.

  2. Thomas's rating of the film In the Fog

    Impressed by the contrast between the calm way the story is unfolded and the nearly unbearable tension of the inevitable fate...

  3. AVA's rating of the film In the Fog

    Klarheit der Bilder und der Situationen in einer realen Langsamkeit,ermöglichen tatsächlichen Einblick in Beweggründe.Moral.Ist Edelmut und Krieg überhaupt möglich?

  4. Michael Diers's rating of the film In the Fog

    Interessante Thematik, die leider zu sehr in die Länge gezogen wurde, dadurch erheblich an Dramatik verlor. Eine Kürzung um rund 30 Minuten hätte dem Film gutgetan.

  5. Stefan Drees's rating of the film In the Fog

    Loznitsa's film benefits directly from the director's experience in making (more or less experimental) documentaries. There are some similar, rather slowly filmed sequences here, inserted in a strong narration.

  6. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film In the Fog

  7. mubianer's rating of the film In the Fog

    Life and death, very casual during wartime.

  8. Lorna Singh's rating of the film In the Fog

    Belarus under German occupation. A poignant story of making a decision without having the power of the outcome.

  9. T Mills's rating of the film In the Fog

    Deliberately slow and forced, I found this film to not pack the punch it should have.

  10. Noodles85's rating of the film In the Fog

  11. Andrew Miller's rating of the film In the Fog

    Metaphors a bit heavy on the shoulders here...

  12. David R Williams's rating of the film In the Fog

    I always have a problem with those who believe a film should/could have been 'shorter". Really? How so? What would you have left on the editing floor? Shots too long? Based on what? Dialogue too slow? This is no screwball comedy filled with fast-paced snappy come-backs. The film is perfect as is - exquisite cinematography, well developed characters, a vision of the "quiet" side of war that is seldom told. Mesmerizing

  13. corycorycorycory's rating of the film In the Fog

    American's are grossly under taught when it comes to World War II. Any opportunity to see it through any other eyes is such a moving experience, especially when it's superbly executed.

  14. jeremy foley's rating of the film In the Fog

    This was awesome! Loved the lensing/framing, loved the color palette, and loved the characters. The characters barely spoke but I felt all of their motivations and quirks - it was also excellent at building tension.

  15. Wee Hunk's rating of the film In the Fog

    I liked it, but I kept expecting these men who had guns to kill Germans. The cinematography was great.

  16. BrickBat_Snickersnee's rating of the film In the Fog

    Great cinematography. subtle dialogue. perpetual plot. objectively its okay no so interesting with the dragged out story, it should've been a bit shorter.

  17. crystal meff's rating of the film In the Fog

    the fog becomes the object it had hoped to obscure...

  18. fat_aleksey's rating of the film In the Fog

  19. mattywuh's rating of the film In the Fog

    Atmospheric exploration of the effect of conflict on the lives of three men. The slow pace and gradually disclosed backstory of each character makes this a refreshingly different and moving war film.

  20. Nikola Enchev's rating of the film In the Fog

    Shot with an enviable attention to detail, colour and atmosphere the film is a very visually memorable tale of honour and morality. It did however drag in its editing. The overtly long shots and slow dialogue do not contribute to the tone but rather muddle the story with unnecessary lethargy.

  21. DrFirestone's rating of the film In the Fog

    Very good. It's a war movie generally speaking, however the main focus is people and how the war affects them. It shows the tragedy of people who are not on the front line, who are not involved ideologically and how dirty and far from heroism war can be. It's a film about human nature, morality and survival. Definitely worth watching.

  22. SiIencio's rating of the film In the Fog

    Loznitsa invites us to look at ourselves introspectively through this subtle and accomplished wartime tale. It is in times of peril where morals and mettles are tested with full rigour. And it is in times of despair, when the fog blurs our souls and hopes, when true men are true to themselves even against their own survival instincts. This film is a superb hymn to that element of human dignity that makes us sacred.

  23. youngdoug's rating of the film In the Fog

    The social normality of horror. A man comes to kill another, and exchanges politenesses with his family. He can't kill his intended at the family house because of social niceties. And so it goes. The intended is allowed to choose his own place of execution. The coward can only be a coward in secret. The judgement of society is the pain. The cattle trucks of people are just life. Brilliant and beautiful.

  24. GreenROCK's rating of the film In the Fog

    If you are ready for some philosophical deliberations, this is the right film for you. Set during second world war in Belarus under German occupation, the question is whether honourable death or dishonourable life is dearer. Nice story but I would have expected more cinematography.

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