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  1. Photo of Rade Šerbedžija

    Rade Šerbedžija Cast

  2. Photo of Zana Marjanović

    Zana Marjanović Cast

  3. Photo of Goran Kostić

    Goran Kostić Cast

  4. Photo of Branko Đurić

    Branko Đurić Cast

  5. Photo of Nikola Djuricko

    Nikola Djuricko Cast

  6. Photo of Fedja Štukan

    Fedja Štukan Cast

  7. Photo of Goran Jevtic

    Goran Jevtic Cast

  8. Photo of Jelena Jovanova

    Jelena Jovanova Cast

  9. Photo of Irene Mulamuhic

    Irene Mulamuhic Cast

  10. Photo of Vanessa Glodjo

    Vanessa Glodjo Cast

  11. Photo of Miloš Timotijević

    Miloš Timotijević Cast

  12. Photo of Alma Terzic

    Alma Terzic Cast

  13. Photo of Dzana Pinjo

    Dzana Pinjo Cast

  14. Photo of Dolya Gavanski

    Dolya Gavanski Cast

  15. Photo of Jasna Beri

    Jasna Beri Cast

  16. Photo of Boris Ler

    Boris Ler Cast

  17. Photo of Ermin Bravo

    Ermin Bravo Cast

  18. Photo of Dean Semler

    Dean Semler Cinematography

  19. Photo of Gabriel Yared

    Gabriel Yared Music

  20. Photo of Jon Hutman

    Jon Hutman Production Design

  21. Photo of Tim Headington

    Tim Headington Producer

  22. Photo of Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie Producer, Director Screenplay

  23. Photo of Graham King

    Graham King Producer

  24. Photo of Tim Moore

    Tim Moore Producer

  25. Photo of Holly Goline

    Holly Goline Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Patricia Rommel

    Patricia Rommel Editing

  27. Photo of Becky Sullivan

    Becky Sullivan Sound