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  1. Photo of Lorenzo Lombardi

    Lorenzo Lombardi Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Nicola Santi Amantini

    Nicola Santi Amantini Screenplay and Cinematography

  3. Photo of Eleonora Stagi

    Eleonora Stagi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ottaviano Blitch

    Ottaviano Blitch Cast

  5. Photo of Rossella Caiani

    Rossella Caiani Cast

  6. Photo of Gloria Cocco

    Gloria Cocco Cast

  7. Photo of Marco Martini

    Marco Martini Cast, Producer Screenplay

  8. Photo of Elisa Sensi

    Elisa Sensi Cast and Producer

  9. Photo of Massimiliano Vado

    Massimiliano Vado Cast

  10. Photo of Daniele Bartoli

    Daniele Bartoli Editing

  11. Photo of Stefano Bucci

    Stefano Bucci Music

  12. Photo of Emanuele Frusi

    Emanuele Frusi Music

  13. Photo of Romano Novelli

    Romano Novelli Music