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  1. Photo of Otto Preminger

    Otto Preminger Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Arthur Kober

    Arthur Kober Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michael Uris

    Michael Uris Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jeanne Crain

    Jeanne Crain Cast

  5. Photo of Frank Latimore

    Frank Latimore Cast

  6. Photo of Eugene Pallette

    Eugene Pallette Cast

  7. Photo of Mary Nash

    Mary Nash Cast

  8. Photo of Stanley Prager

    Stanley Prager Cast

  9. Photo of Gale Robbins

    Gale Robbins Cast

  10. Photo of Jane Randolph

    Jane Randolph Cast

  11. Photo of Doris Merrick

    Doris Merrick Cast

  12. Photo of Cara Williams

    Cara Williams Cast

  13. Photo of Ann Corcoran

    Ann Corcoran Cast

  14. Photo of Reed Hadley

    Reed Hadley Cast

  15. Photo of Heather Angel

    Heather Angel Cast

  16. Photo of Bonnie Bannon

    Bonnie Bannon Cast

  17. Photo of William Colby

    William Colby Cast

  18. Photo of Cliff Clark

    Cliff Clark Cast

  19. Photo of Elisabeth Risdon

    Elisabeth Risdon Cast

  20. Photo of Madge Meredith

    Madge Meredith Cast

  21. Photo of Lee Bennett

    Lee Bennett Cast

  22. Photo of Roger Clark

    Roger Clark Cast

  23. Photo of Joseph MacDonald

    Joseph MacDonald Cinematography

  24. Photo of Cyril J. Mockridge

    Cyril J. Mockridge Music

  25. Photo of Louis R. Loeffler

    Louis R. Loeffler Editing