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  1. Photo of Ingmar Bergman

    Ingmar Bergman Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Måns Reuterswärd

    Måns Reuterswärd Producer

  3. Photo of Pia Ehrnvall

    Pia Ehrnvall Producer

  4. Photo of Tony Forsberg

    Tony Forsberg Cinematography

  5. Photo of Göran Wassberg

    Göran Wassberg Production Design

  6. Photo of Franz Schubert

    Franz Schubert Music

  7. Photo of Sylvia Ingemarsson

    Sylvia Ingemarsson Editing

  8. Photo of Börje Ahlstedt

    Börje Ahlstedt Cast

  9. Photo of Marie Richardson

    Marie Richardson Cast

  10. Photo of Erland Josephson

    Erland Josephson Cast

  11. Photo of Pernilla August

    Pernilla August Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Stormare

    Peter Stormare Cast

  13. Photo of Anita Björk

    Anita Björk Cast

  14. Photo of Lena Endre

    Lena Endre Cast

  15. Photo of Agneta Ekmanner

    Agneta Ekmanner Cast

  16. Photo of Gunnel Fred

    Gunnel Fred Cast

  17. Photo of Johan Lindell

    Johan Lindell Cast

  18. Photo of Gerthi Kulle

    Gerthi Kulle Cast

  19. Photo of Anna Björk

    Anna Björk Cast

  20. Photo of Folke Asplund

    Folke Asplund Cast

  21. Photo of Inga Landgré

    Inga Landgré Cast

  22. Photo of Alf Nilsson

    Alf Nilsson Cast

  23. Photo of Birgitta Pettersson

    Birgitta Pettersson Cast

  24. Photo of Tord Peterson

    Tord Peterson Cast

  25. Photo of Irene Wiklund

    Irene Wiklund Cinematography

  26. Photo of Magnus Berglid

    Magnus Berglid Sound