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  1. Photo of Larisa Shepitko

    Larisa Shepitko Director

  2. Photo of Semyon Lungin

    Semyon Lungin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ilya Nusinov

    Ilya Nusinov Screenplay

  4. Photo of Roman Ledenyov

    Roman Ledenyov Music

  5. Photo of Pavel Lebeshev

    Pavel Lebeshev Cinematography

  6. Photo of A. Soboleva

    A. Soboleva Editing

  7. Photo of Aleksandr Bojm

    Aleksandr Bojm Production Design

  8. Photo of M. Karyakin

    M. Karyakin Production Design

  9. Photo of Viktor Rusakov

    Viktor Rusakov Sound

  10. Photo of Lev Kruglyj

    Lev Kruglyj Cast

  11. Photo of Georgiy Vitsin

    Georgiy Vitsin Cast

  12. Photo of Anatoli Papanov

    Anatoli Papanov Cast

  13. Photo of Viktor Bajkov

    Viktor Bajkov Cast

  14. Photo of Spartak Mishulin

    Spartak Mishulin Cast

  15. Photo of Zinoviy Gerdt

    Zinoviy Gerdt Cast

  16. Photo of Aleksandr Shirvindt

    Aleksandr Shirvindt Cast

  17. Photo of Vladimir Basov

    Vladimir Basov Cast

  18. Photo of Natalya Drozhzhina

    Natalya Drozhzhina Cast

  19. Photo of Vladimir Dolinskiy

    Vladimir Dolinskiy Cast

  20. Photo of Vyacheslav Tsaryov

    Vyacheslav Tsaryov Cast

  21. Photo of Andrei Makarenko

    Andrei Makarenko Cast

  22. Photo of Arutyun Akopyan

    Arutyun Akopyan Cast

  23. Photo of Irma Sakhadze

    Irma Sakhadze Cast

  24. Photo of V. Beletsky

    V. Beletsky Cast

  25. Photo of Vyacheslav Chistyakov

    Vyacheslav Chistyakov Cast