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  1. Photo of Sunao Katabuchi

    Sunao Katabuchi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Nounen Rena

    Nounen Rena Cast

  3. Photo of Daisuke Ono

    Daisuke Ono Cast

  4. Photo of Megumi Han

    Megumi Han Cast

  5. Photo of Yoshimasa Hosoya

    Yoshimasa Hosoya Cast

  6. Photo of Shigeru Ushiyama

    Shigeru Ushiyama Cast

  7. Photo of Natsuki Inaba

    Natsuki Inaba Cast

  8. Photo of Nanase Iwai

    Nanase Iwai Cast

  9. Photo of Minori Omi

    Minori Omi Cast

  10. Photo of Mayumi Shintani

    Mayumi Shintani Cast

  11. Photo of Tengai Shibuya

    Tengai Shibuya Cast

  12. Photo of Masao Maruyama

    Masao Maruyama Producer

  13. Photo of Taro Maki

    Taro Maki Producer