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  1. Robert H. Stevens's rating of the film Incendies

    The film which cemented Villeneuve's reputation. It has been many years since I was able to get completely lost in films on a regular basis. Even longer since that occurred in a film which I watched at home. Absolutely enthralling from start to finish. It delves into the darkest pits of the human experience.

  2. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Incendies

  3. ramiah's rating of the film Incendies

    did they need to play the radiohead song twice

  4. nematomaranka's rating of the film Incendies

    it has something majestic and strong in the details and atmosphere but the naive look to (touch of) middle east destroys everything and makes it all primitive. better make movies about aliens or US.

  5. Malik Dowdy's rating of the film Incendies

  6. theironstove's rating of the film Incendies

    So powerful, stunning. Villeneuve stories are quite simple (in a way), maybe that is what creates the vast space for enveloping emotional realities (I cannot wait for Dune). Awe; something about his works makes me feel like I become one with them. A concentrated microcosmic image of war/brutality from the feeling perspective of the feminine.

  7. doublelife91's rating of the film Incendies

    Interesting, haunting take on Oedipus.

  8. Roy Deckard's rating of the film Incendies

    I feel manipulated. I didn't enjoy the tragedy of the final revelation. The film doesn't give you enough. It intentionally hides the characters' ages. You can never tell how old Nawal is. You cannot tell how old her torturer is. And I didn't really like the way the film gives you the truth. Nevertheless, it is a great movie.

  9. Giada Marino's rating of the film Incendies

  10. akunfilmku's rating of the film Incendies

    How someone can be so strong accepting the truth.

  11. jooley's rating of the film Incendies

    Not a film for the faint of heart and quite on the long side, but its quality film making and fierce performances keep it engrossing throughout. A thought-provoking - if not completely convincing - take on the cycle of violence that you'll have trouble forgetting.

  12. Johnny Mislow's rating of the film Incendies

    Surrendering to the absolute visual dominance of Villeneuve's talent. Story equally, if not more, powerful than the visual aspect of cinematography. Easily one of the most intense efforts i've seen so far.

  13. MistaRichard's rating of the film Incendies

    Leave it to Villeneuve to take your expectations and shatter them into a million pieces. Only he could know exactly when and how to deliver such raw and hypnotizing images as these, letting them seep into your mind for as long as it takes for them to cristalyze inside you. The finishing touch is given with the clever use of a couple of Radiohead tracks. Simply stunning.

  14. lidiishere's rating of the film Incendies

    there's nothing more beautiful than being together. the premise's similar with oldboy

  15. tri ...'s rating of the film Incendies

  16. vizija's rating of the film Incendies

    I can't describe my feelings right now, simply heartbreaking... Camera time travelling is very confusing and attractive. Hence, I think this is one of the best drama's of all time. Denis at his best!

  17. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Incendies

    Quite possibly still Denis Villeneuve's best movie, even as his success in English-language films has launched him to the Hollywood godhead of rebooting a franchise. The final twist is a bit much, but there's an interesting, expertly crafted film in here about rootless westerners, raised with the privilege of a stable society, forced to confront horror in the Middle East. Brutal education is a Villeneuve trademark.

  18. Pipim's rating of the film Incendies

    Très beau, mais trop compliqué.

  19. Samuel Righi's rating of the film Incendies

  20. brick_bro's rating of the film Incendies

    Very powerful adaptation of a massive story. Dreadful images, exciting pace, and a clear beginning as to when Villeneuve really started honing his craft.

  21. uenus's rating of the film Incendies

    me incomodó escuchar radiohead

  22. Cinemaus's rating of the film Incendies

    Fine story telling with with ballanced emotions an superb acting.

  23. FISCHER's rating of the film Incendies

    Excellente et puissante adaptation d'une fulgurante pièce de théâtre de l'homme de lettres libanais Wajdi Mouawad, ce quatrième long métrage du réalisateur canadien Denis Villeneuve, respectant scrupuleusement une construction a-chronologique dans le déroulement des dramatiques événements présents et passés, installe et développe une exceptionnelle puissance narrative.

  24. Vuk Trifkovic's rating of the film Incendies

    Convoluted but powerful story. Female part of the cast pulled most of the weight - but still a great film.

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