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  1. Photo of Christopher Nolan

    Christopher Nolan Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Emma Thomas

    Emma Thomas Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Leonardo DiCaprio

    Leonardo DiCaprio Cast

  4. Photo of Ken Watanabe

    Ken Watanabe Cast

  5. Photo of Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cast

  6. Photo of Ellen Page

    Ellen Page Cast

  7. Photo of Marion Cotillard

    Marion Cotillard Cast

  8. Photo of Cillian Murphy

    Cillian Murphy Cast

  9. Photo of Tom Hardy

    Tom Hardy Cast

  10. Photo of Tom Berenger

    Tom Berenger Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Caine

    Michael Caine Cast

  12. Photo of Dileep Rao

    Dileep Rao Cast

  13. Photo of Lukas Haas

    Lukas Haas Cast

  14. Photo of Pete Postlethwaite

    Pete Postlethwaite Cast

  15. Photo of Wally Pfister

    Wally Pfister Cinematography

  16. Photo of Hans Zimmer

    Hans Zimmer Music

  17. Photo of Guy Hendrix Dyas

    Guy Hendrix Dyas Production Design

  18. Photo of Kanjiro Sakura

    Kanjiro Sakura Producer

  19. Photo of Yoshikuni Taki

    Yoshikuni Taki Producer

  20. Photo of Chris Brigham

    Chris Brigham Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Thomas Tull

    Thomas Tull Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Lee Smith

    Lee Smith Editing

  23. Photo of Richard King

    Richard King Sound

  24. Photo of Jeffrey Kurland

    Jeffrey Kurland Costume Design