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  1. Photo of Paulo José

    Paulo José Director

  2. Photo of Nelson Nadotti

    Nelson Nadotti Screenplay

  3. Photo of Erico Verissimo

    Erico Verissimo Novel

  4. Photo of Fernanda Montenegro

    Fernanda Montenegro Cast

  5. Photo of Paulo Betti

    Paulo Betti Cast

  6. Photo of Gianfrancesco Guarnieri

    Gianfrancesco Guarnieri Cast

  7. Photo of Marília Pêra

    Marília Pêra Cast

  8. Photo of Elias Gleizer

    Elias Gleizer Cast

  9. Photo of Diogo Vilela

    Diogo Vilela Cast

  10. Photo of Rui Resende

    Rui Resende Cast

  11. Photo of Cláudio Corrêa e Castro

    Cláudio Corrêa e Castro Cast

  12. Photo of Alexandre Borges

    Alexandre Borges Cast

  13. Photo of Paulo Goulart

    Paulo Goulart Cast

  14. Photo of Giovanna Gold

    Giovanna Gold Cast

  15. Photo of Eva Todor

    Eva Todor Cast

  16. Photo of Eliane Giardini

    Eliane Giardini Cast

  17. Photo of Nicette Bruno

    Nicette Bruno Cast

  18. Photo of Flávio Migliaccio

    Flávio Migliaccio Cast

  19. Photo of Mauro Mendonça

    Mauro Mendonça Cast

  20. Photo of Betty Faria

    Betty Faria Cast

  21. Photo of Regina Duarte

    Regina Duarte Cast