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  1. dAlton Anthony's rating of the film Indecent Desires

    Eroticism, as such, has lost its radical flame and humorous appeal to me. These days I need to be drawn into that world in a way that wrenches and tugs at my soul, that makes me ache with my own unresolved issues around sex, longing and intimacy. In that regard, I respect the work that Wishman did to break down the prudish boundaries that made such films possible. She was clever and defiant to the end.

  2. msmichel's rating of the film Indecent Desires

    Pretty solid exploitation picture that doesn't take itself too seriously and neither should the viewer. Basic voodoo doll premise meets some very very softcore erotica with a fetching Sharon Kent making a strong impression.

  3. jacbruneau's rating of the film Indecent Desires

    Laughably bad! The best use for this flick is to put it on while your guests are over (the score is playfully jazzy & there's almost no dialogue). In other words, do not endeavour this with any kind of intention OR ignore.

  4. captainfez's rating of the film Indecent Desires

    Proof you should never trust someone whose pants are that high.

  5. lou.'s rating of the film Indecent Desires

    This is really badly AWFUL! Please, come on! Why are you showing this piece of c*ap? Mubi curators: «you cannot be serious!». I'm no longer wasting my time with this kind of embarrassing and shameful 'porn' - if we may call it so. What upsets me more, is that a female director humiliates her female characters. It's 1968! She'd be better stayed naked at home changing her underwear, looking at herself in the mirror.

  6. kpuljek's rating of the film Indecent Desires

    This movie could have been good if it delivered on two fronts: it needed to be weird enough and it needed to be lewd enough. It failed on both accounts. Quite superficial and it leaves you only asking yourself why was this made and why the hell did you watch it.

  7. A. Fitzgerald's rating of the film Indecent Desires

    Who makes this crap and then Mubi screening this as arthouse movies is an insult to ones intelligence. The founder of MuBI couldn't get to see a film he desired to see originally while injapan. Now, we are fed nonsense instead of films of the highest calibre. Come off it. I think,more and more, that MUBI is the 'emperor has no clothes. It's a mere money game!!!

  8. Mahir's rating of the film Indecent Desires

  9. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Indecent Desires

    I love bad films that are actually funny. In this one a man uses a doll to get his way with women.