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  1. Photo of Aleksandr Buzdakov

    Aleksandr Buzdakov Producer

  2. Photo of Oleg Flyangolts

    Oleg Flyangolts Screenplay, Cinematography Director

  3. Photo of Mikhail Spiridonov

    Mikhail Spiridonov Screenplay

  4. Photo of Anastasi Mikhalov

    Anastasi Mikhalov Cinematography

  5. Photo of Timofey Goloborodko

    Timofey Goloborodko Editing

  6. Photo of Yana Kulikova

    Yana Kulikova Editing

  7. Photo of Evgeniy Ryzhonkov

    Evgeniy Ryzhonkov Editing

  8. Photo of Ivan Vasilev

    Ivan Vasilev Music

  9. Photo of Evgeny Akimov

    Evgeny Akimov Sound

  10. Photo of Victor Lamm

    Victor Lamm Sound

  11. Photo of Denis Skorina

    Denis Skorina Sound

  12. Photo of Aleksandr Bashirov

    Aleksandr Bashirov Cast

  13. Photo of Fedor Bondarchuk

    Fedor Bondarchuk Cast

  14. Photo of Olga Shorina

    Olga Shorina Cast

  15. Photo of Sergei Bragin

    Sergei Bragin Cast

  16. Photo of Artem Prokin

    Artem Prokin Cast

  17. Photo of Aleksei Taratorin

    Aleksei Taratorin Cast