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  1. Photo of James Schamus

    James Schamus Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Anthony Bregman

    Anthony Bregman Producer

  3. Photo of Rodrigo Teixeira

    Rodrigo Teixeira Producer

  4. Photo of Stefanie Azpiazu

    Stefanie Azpiazu Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Jonathan Bronfman

    Jonathan Bronfman Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Avy Eschenasy

    Avy Eschenasy Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Caroline Jaczko

    Caroline Jaczko Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Sophie Mas

    Sophie Mas Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Woody Mu

    Woody Mu Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Lisa Wolofsky

    Lisa Wolofsky Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Lourenco Sant'Anna

    Lourenco Sant'Anna Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Philip Roth

    Philip Roth Screenplay

  13. Photo of Logan Lerman

    Logan Lerman Cast and Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Sarah Gadon

    Sarah Gadon Cast

  15. Photo of Tracy Letts

    Tracy Letts Cast

  16. Photo of Danny Burstein

    Danny Burstein Cast

  17. Photo of Linda Emond

    Linda Emond Cast

  18. Photo of Ben Rosenfield

    Ben Rosenfield Cast

  19. Photo of Christopher Blauvelt

    Christopher Blauvelt Cinematography

  20. Photo of Jay Wadley

    Jay Wadley Music

  21. Photo of Andrew Marcus

    Andrew Marcus Editing

  22. Photo of Inbal Weinberg

    Inbal Weinberg Production Design