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  1. Photo of Régis Wargnier

    Régis Wargnier Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Érik Orsenna

    Érik Orsenna Screenplay

  3. Photo of Louis Gardel

    Louis Gardel Screenplay

  4. Photo of Catherine Cohen

    Catherine Cohen Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alain Le Henry

    Alain Le Henry Screenplay

  6. Photo of Catherine Deneuve

    Catherine Deneuve Cast

  7. Photo of Vincent Perez

    Vincent Perez Cast

  8. Photo of Phạm Linh Đan

    Phạm Linh Đan Cast

  9. Photo of Jean Yanne

    Jean Yanne Cast

  10. Photo of Dominique Blanc

    Dominique Blanc Cast

  11. Photo of Henri Marteau

    Henri Marteau Cast

  12. Photo of Carlo Brandt

    Carlo Brandt Cast

  13. Photo of Gérard Lartigau

    Gérard Lartigau Cast

  14. Photo of Hubert Saint-Macary

    Hubert Saint-Macary Cast

  15. Photo of Mai Châu

    Mai Châu Cast

  16. Photo of Thi Hoe Tranh Huu Trieu

    Thi Hoe Tranh Huu Trieu Cast

  17. Photo of Andrzej Sekula

    Andrzej Sekula Cast

  18. Photo of Alain Fromager

    Alain Fromager Cast

  19. Photo of Chu Hùng

    Chu Hùng Cast

  20. Photo of Jean-Baptiste Huynh

    Jean-Baptiste Huynh Cast

  21. Photo of Thibault de Montalembert

    Thibault de Montalembert Cast

  22. Photo of Eric Nguyễn

    Eric Nguyễn Cast

  23. Photo of François Catonné

    François Catonné Cinematography

  24. Photo of Patrick Doyle

    Patrick Doyle Music

  25. Photo of Jacques Bufnoir

    Jacques Bufnoir Production Design

  26. Photo of Eric Heumann

    Eric Heumann Producer

  27. Photo of Jean Labadie

    Jean Labadie Producer

  28. Photo of Alain Belmondo

    Alain Belmondo Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Agnès Schwab

    Agnès Schwab Editing

  30. Photo of Geneviève Winding

    Geneviève Winding Editing

  31. Photo of Patrice Grisolet

    Patrice Grisolet Sound

  32. Photo of Katrina Heaulme

    Katrina Heaulme Sound

  33. Photo of Julie Jouaffre

    Julie Jouaffre Sound