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  1. Photo of Guto Parente

    Guto Parente Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Pedro Diogenes

    Pedro Diogenes Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Yuri Yamamoto

    Yuri Yamamoto Cast

  4. Photo of Demick Lopes

    Demick Lopes Cast

  5. Photo of Samya De Lavor

    Samya De Lavor Cast

  6. Photo of Rafael Martins

    Rafael Martins Cast

  7. Photo of Tatiana Amorim

    Tatiana Amorim Cast

  8. Photo of Paulo Ess

    Paulo Ess Cast

  9. Photo of Galba Nogueira

    Galba Nogueira Cast

  10. Photo of Victor de Melo

    Victor de Melo Cinematography

  11. Photo of Vitor Colares

    Vitor Colares Music

  12. Photo of Felipe Lima

    Felipe Lima Music

  13. Photo of Taís Augusto

    Taís Augusto Production Design

  14. Photo of Caroline Louise

    Caroline Louise Producer

  15. Photo of Amanda Pontes

    Amanda Pontes Producer

  16. Photo of Rogério Mesquita

    Rogério Mesquita Producer

  17. Photo of Victor Costa Lopes

    Victor Costa Lopes Editing