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  1. Photo of Joseph W. Sarno

    Joseph W. Sarno Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marie Liljedahl

    Marie Liljedahl Cast

  3. Photo of Monica Strömmerstedt

    Monica Strömmerstedt Cast

  4. Photo of Thomas Ungewitter

    Thomas Ungewitter Cast

  5. Photo of Casten Lassen

    Casten Lassen Cast

  6. Photo of Else-Marie Brandt

    Else-Marie Brandt Cast

  7. Photo of Bruce G. Sparks

    Bruce G. Sparks Cinematography

  8. Photo of The Bamboo

    The Bamboo Music

  9. Photo of Clay Pitts

    Clay Pitts Music

  10. Photo of Bo Waldsten

    Bo Waldsten Music

  11. Photo of Rolf Larsson

    Rolf Larsson Production Design

  12. Photo of Dennis Friedland

    Dennis Friedland Producer

  13. Photo of Donald Havens

    Donald Havens Producer

  14. Photo of Bernard 'Bingo' Brandt

    Bernard 'Bingo' Brandt Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Ingemar Ejve

    Ingemar Ejve Editing

  16. Photo of Håkan Strandberg

    Håkan Strandberg Sound