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  1. Photo of Marius Sørvik

    Marius Sørvik Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Morten Rudå

    Morten Rudå Cast

  3. Photo of Silje Hagrim Dahl

    Silje Hagrim Dahl Cast

  4. Photo of Jesper Malm

    Jesper Malm Cast

  5. Photo of Liv Strand Nordin

    Liv Strand Nordin Cast

  6. Photo of Thomas Stene-Johansen

    Thomas Stene-Johansen Cast

  7. Photo of Kenny Wang

    Kenny Wang Cast

  8. Photo of Irasj Asanti

    Irasj Asanti Cast

  9. Photo of Anja Grenheim

    Anja Grenheim Cast

  10. Photo of Frode Graadahl

    Frode Graadahl Cast

  11. Photo of Kim Jøran Olsen

    Kim Jøran Olsen Cast

  12. Photo of Lars Erlend Øymo

    Lars Erlend Øymo Cinematography and Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Øystein Westlie

    Øystein Westlie Music

  14. Photo of Lise Margrethe Grøndahl

    Lise Margrethe Grøndahl Producer

  15. Photo of Egil Kolstø

    Egil Kolstø Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Per Vidar Anfinnsen

    Per Vidar Anfinnsen Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Mathias Augestad Ambjør

    Mathias Augestad Ambjør Executive Producer and Cast

  18. Photo of Tine Maurstad Larsson

    Tine Maurstad Larsson Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Anders Beito

    Anders Beito Editing