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  1. Photo of Lina Berg

    Lina Berg Cast

  2. Photo of Ria Mabeck

    Ria Mabeck Cast

  3. Photo of Hans Stohl

    Hans Stohl Cast

  4. Photo of Dorain René

    Dorain René Cast

  5. Photo of Inge van Heer

    Inge van Heer Cast

  6. Photo of Emma Marklissa

    Emma Marklissa Cast

  7. Photo of Marion Tatrosa

    Marion Tatrosa Cast

  8. Photo of Fritz Wolf-kilianyi

    Fritz Wolf-kilianyi Cast

  9. Photo of Carl Dalmonico

    Carl Dalmonico Cast

  10. Photo of Osman Raghib

    Osman Raghib Cast

  11. Photo of Fred Nansen

    Fred Nansen Cast

  12. Photo of Max Bayrhammer

    Max Bayrhammer Cast

  13. Photo of Gil de Costa

    Gil de Costa Cast

  14. Photo of Franz Seyr

    Franz Seyr Cinematography

  15. Photo of Leo Pasetti

    Leo Pasetti Production Design

  16. Photo of Willy Reiber

    Willy Reiber Production Design

  17. Photo of Ludwig Beck

    Ludwig Beck Producer, Screenplay Director