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  1. Photo of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz

    Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz Screenplay

  2. Photo of Michal Lewandowski

    Michal Lewandowski Cast

  3. Photo of Katarzyna Gniewkowska

    Katarzyna Gniewkowska Cast

  4. Photo of Leon Niemczyk

    Leon Niemczyk Cast

  5. Photo of Arkadiusz Jakubik

    Arkadiusz Jakubik Cast

  6. Photo of Mikolaj Krawczyk

    Mikolaj Krawczyk Cast

  7. Photo of Ewa Decówna

    Ewa Decówna Cast

  8. Photo of Anna Wendzikowska

    Anna Wendzikowska Cast

  9. Photo of Miroslav Caslavka

    Miroslav Caslavka Cast

  10. Photo of Marek Kasprzyk

    Marek Kasprzyk Cast

  11. Photo of Boguslaw Semotiuk

    Boguslaw Semotiuk Cast

  12. Photo of Marcin Dorociński

    Marcin Dorociński Cast

  13. Photo of Wojciech Malajkat

    Wojciech Malajkat Cast

  14. Photo of Marcin Wiercichowski

    Marcin Wiercichowski Cast

  15. Photo of Krzysztof Szczerbinski

    Krzysztof Szczerbinski Cast

  16. Photo of Eugeniusz Priwieziencew

    Eugeniusz Priwieziencew Cast

  17. Photo of Viktoras Radzevicius

    Viktoras Radzevicius Cinematography

  18. Photo of Leszek Mozdzer

    Leszek Mozdzer Music

  19. Photo of Galius Kličius

    Galius Kličius Production Design

  20. Photo of Weronika Marczuk-Pazura

    Weronika Marczuk-Pazura Producer and Cast

  21. Photo of Olaf Lubaszenko

    Olaf Lubaszenko Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Cezary Pazura

    Cezary Pazura Executive Producer and Cast

  23. Photo of Wiktor Grodecki

    Wiktor Grodecki Editing, Screenplay Director

  24. Photo of Ivo Heger

    Ivo Heger Sound

  25. Photo of Daiva Petrulytė

    Daiva Petrulytė Costume Design