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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Inserts

    Blu-Ray. First seen in the 70's when theatrically released. Director John Byrum skilfully plays with images and sound so that, after a while, the audience doesn't know anymore where it stands. Just think of the noise of the jackhammers you could mistake for the sound of a projector. Strongly recommended.

  2. José Neves's rating of the film Inserts

    35mm. It was one of the most acclaimed North American films by Portuguese critics in the late 70's, bringing together a unanimity almost impossible in those post-revolution times. It was also one of my myths since i only saw it in a bad copy in a midnight session, just out of adolescence, and by the time, critics - who nevertheless existed, some quite good - were a big reference to me...

  3. Øyvind Rype's rating of the film Inserts

    Mixing 70's grit and Sunset Boulevard, this is a strange, black comedy/chamber drama of a former, now washed-up silent film director who in the 1930's still refuses to make the transition to talkies. Smoking cigars and gulping whiskey, he's now doing low budget porn from his own run-down mansion just for the ease of it. Sadly underrated it appears.

  4. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Inserts

    Odd Hollywood dark comedy resembles a filmed stage play more than a film. Richard Dreyfuss, Bob Hoskins, and Jessica Harper are good, but Veronica Cartwright and Stephen Davies go cartoonishly over the top. Strong characters, but there's some really cliched stage-style writing - though the confrontation between Dreyfuss and Harper is undeniably engrossing. Pretty explicit considering the mainstream cast.