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  1. Photo of Marvin J. Chomsky

    Marvin J. Chomsky Director

  2. Photo of E. Jack Neuman

    E. Jack Neuman Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Albert Speer

    Albert Speer Screenplay

  4. Photo of Rutger Hauer

    Rutger Hauer Cast

  5. Photo of John Gielgud

    John Gielgud Cast

  6. Photo of Maria Schell

    Maria Schell Cast

  7. Photo of Blythe Danner

    Blythe Danner Cast

  8. Photo of Trevor Howard

    Trevor Howard Cast

  9. Photo of Derek Jacobi

    Derek Jacobi Cast

  10. Photo of Viveca Lindfors

    Viveca Lindfors Cast

  11. Photo of Randy Quaid

    Randy Quaid Cast

  12. Photo of Stephen Collins

    Stephen Collins Cast

  13. Photo of Ian Holm

    Ian Holm Cast

  14. Photo of Elke Sommer

    Elke Sommer Cast

  15. Photo of Renée Soutendijk

    Renée Soutendijk Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Vaughn

    Robert Vaughn Cast

  17. Photo of Zoë Wanamaker

    Zoë Wanamaker Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Gough

    Michael Gough Cast

  19. Photo of Maurice Roëves

    Maurice Roëves Cast

  20. Photo of Derek Newark

    Derek Newark Cast

  21. Photo of Mort Sahl

    Mort Sahl Cast

  22. Photo of Tony Imi

    Tony Imi Cinematography

  23. Photo of Fred Karlin

    Fred Karlin Music

  24. Photo of Rolf Zehetbauer

    Rolf Zehetbauer Production Design

  25. Photo of Richard Belding

    Richard Belding Editing

  26. Photo of Les Green

    Les Green Editing

  27. Photo of James T. Heckert

    James T. Heckert Editing