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  1. Taib Mou's rating of the film Insyriated

    The characters are following rather rigid script, that makes it sounds more like a Lebanese soap opera, rather than what it is. Nevertheless, the relationship dynamics is good and reflects more reality than other many other war movies.

  2. k t's rating of the film Insyriated

  3. Oscar Bedell's rating of the film Insyriated

    Disorienting, violent, chilling turbulence of coping with what can't be real. The conventions of comfort transmute, fall away and hauntingly dance in the last fragile remains of a beautifully quantified humanity that always lands without falling into the all too prominent and bottomless and noumenal cracks, that is as nothing. The proximity of this nothingness dynamically eviscerating the humanism we fight for.

  4. Marco Pierrard's rating of the film Insyriated