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  1. Photo of Yorgos Zois

    Yorgos Zois Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Vassileios Kyriakopoulos

    Vassileios Kyriakopoulos Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alexandros Vardaxoglou

    Alexandros Vardaxoglou Cast

  4. Photo of Maria Kallimani

    Maria Kallimani Cast

  5. Photo of Alexia Kaltsiki

    Alexia Kaltsiki Cast

  6. Photo of Christos Stergioglou

    Christos Stergioglou Cast

  7. Photo of Maria Filini

    Maria Filini Cast

  8. Photo of Sofia Kokkali

    Sofia Kokkali Cast

  9. Photo of Pavlos Iordanopoulos

    Pavlos Iordanopoulos Cast

  10. Photo of Christos Karteris

    Christos Karteris Cast

  11. Photo of Romanna Lobach

    Romanna Lobach Cast

  12. Photo of Angeliki Margeti

    Angeliki Margeti Cast

  13. Photo of Natassa Brouzioti

    Natassa Brouzioti Cast

  14. Photo of Aineias Tsamatis

    Aineias Tsamatis Cast

  15. Photo of Constantinos Voudouris

    Constantinos Voudouris Cast

  16. Photo of Spyros Sidiras

    Spyros Sidiras Cast

  17. Photo of Areti Seidaridou

    Areti Seidaridou Cast

  18. Photo of Hristos Sougaris

    Hristos Sougaris Cast

  19. Photo of Alexandros Sotiriou

    Alexandros Sotiriou Cast

  20. Photo of Elena Topalidou

    Elena Topalidou Cast

  21. Photo of Vasilis Andreou

    Vasilis Andreou Cast

  22. Photo of Daphne Patakia

    Daphne Patakia Cast

  23. Photo of Effi Rabsilber

    Effi Rabsilber Cast

  24. Photo of Labros Filippou

    Labros Filippou Cast

  25. Photo of Nikos Flessas

    Nikos Flessas Cast

  26. Photo of Eleni Lola

    Eleni Lola Cast

  27. Photo of Vangelis Papatzanakis

    Vangelis Papatzanakis Cast

  28. Photo of Georgia Sikopeti

    Georgia Sikopeti Cast

  29. Photo of Constantin Symsiris

    Constantin Symsiris Cast

  30. Photo of Yannis Kanakis

    Yannis Kanakis Cinematography

  31. Photo of Sylvain Chauveau

    Sylvain Chauveau Music

  32. Photo of Maria Drandaki

    Maria Drandaki Producer

  33. Photo of Sinisa Juricic

    Sinisa Juricic Producer

  34. Photo of Elie Meirovitz

    Elie Meirovitz Producer

  35. Photo of Konstadinos Moriatis

    Konstadinos Moriatis Executive Producer

  36. Photo of Yannis Chalkiadakis

    Yannis Chalkiadakis Editing

  37. Photo of Hervé Buirette

    Hervé Buirette Sound

  38. Photo of François Lambert

    François Lambert Sound

  39. Photo of Aris Louziotis

    Aris Louziotis Sound

  40. Photo of Hrvoje Petek

    Hrvoje Petek Sound

  41. Photo of Alexandros Sidiropoulos

    Alexandros Sidiropoulos Sound

  42. Photo of Eva Goulakou

    Eva Goulakou Costume Design

  43. Photo of Zorana Meic

    Zorana Meic Costume Design

  44. Photo of Dimitris Avgeros

    Dimitris Avgeros Art Department

  45. Photo of Xenofon Filippousis

    Xenofon Filippousis Visual Effects

  46. Photo of Philippos Marmoutas

    Philippos Marmoutas Visual Effects

  47. Photo of Kir Skaletski

    Kir Skaletski Visual Effects

  48. Photo of Thodoris Zigiris

    Thodoris Zigiris Visual Effects