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Ratings & Reviews

  1. spiderliliez's rating of the film Into the White

    Films like this reminds you that there is hope for humanity. Sometimes all we need is a wake up call from nature so we can start to work and live together. Inspired by true events, this film puts together some really interesting characters and talented actors. Given the characters' circumstances, this film is an intimately enjoyable drama.

  2. Jonas Jokubauskas's rating of the film Into the White

    When it comes to survival, Mein Kampf goes to the stove. An inspiring story on working hand in hand with an enemy to survive and suddenly befriending one. Although Rupert Grint still has his Gryffindorian traits, it seems that he's not Ron Weasley anymore.

  3. Rodrigo's rating of the film Into the White

    Todos somos iguais; as dores, as dificuldades, os sonhos e a alegria são os mesmos para cada ser humano... podemos nos ajudar e vencermos juntos, ou sermos derrotados nos matando numa guerra da qual nada se leva e não há vencedores. Nunca há vencedores numa guerra, e os protagonistas deste filme sabem disso! Vale a pena ver.

  4. oemamizm's rating of the film Into the White

    tentara Jerman dan Inggris terjebak di sebuah badai salju. suatu hal yang mengubah pandangan mereka tentang perang dan permusuhan.

  5. Muromi's rating of the film Into the White

    Yes, the plot is very predictable, esp. if you've watched the trailer, but I liked the movie. The cinematography was beautiful (or at least, the shots of the Norwegian snowy white landscape were beautiful for one who's only seen snows twice); it was interesting to see the distinctions between two different cultures; and that this story of enemies becoming friends was based on a true story.