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  1. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Intruders

    Less a horror film about the bogeyman than a scary, psychological character study about what creates it. Intruders is so lyrical in both its stunning use of montage and the carefully rendered metaphor of fear and loss that it's like a tone poem, akin to the work of Guillermo del Toro. As an evaluation of what lies and truths one chooses to tell their kids, it's as insightful as it's haunting. A very underrated film.

  2. Sunrise's rating of the film Intruders

    While Act I scares fail due to editorial limits, Fresnadillo's strengths are in his narrative suggestions: alternative and private religions that find no formal artistic expression overtake one's imagination, the horrors of which become passed as familial myth. Despite Fresnadillo's ineffective drama, storytelling as healing conclusion is an fascinating re-affirmation for the necessity of cinematic storytelling.

  3. Cbarky99's rating of the film Intruders

    Reminded me in some ways of The Tall Man, a too-clever for its own good experiment by someone who was clearly a fan of the genre, with a few individual scenes that were particularly effective, but a whole that doesn't quite coalesce on the screen in the way it must have in its writer-director's head.

  4. Westley's rating of the film Intruders

    A better-than-average "possession" movie. Thankfully, it takes a novel approach to the genre. The film might be a little too dry and intellectual for most horror fans. It's not a very scary movie. It's more of a gothic psychodrama than a horror film.

  5. Dave D's rating of the film Intruders

    Eu amo essa linha de filmes que pega o sobrenatural para desenvolver uma trama realística e aqui, mesmo com o final fábula, o resultado é muito bom.

  6. doltcrow's rating of the film Intruders

  7. Matt Parks's rating of the film Intruders

    A sorta-return-to-form for Fresnadillo. Not quite as good as Intacto, but not nearly as bad as 28 Weeks Later.

  8. Palmat's rating of the film Intruders

    Not bad but not very good either. Owen is fine as is some of the other actors. Unfortunately van Outen is completely wasted as the clueless mother. The twist at the end was ok but the soppy ending felt way to sweet for my taste. Good for a rainy sunday night if you like your scares light and easy.

  9. HKFanatic's rating of the film Intruders

    The first 5 minutes are genuinely absorbing, despite some CGI that looks lifted right out of 1996's "The Frighteners," with a dark and dream-like mood similar to survival-horror video games like "Silent Hill." Then Clive Owen enters the picture and it all goes downhill. Clive tries his best but the screenplay forces a hodgepodge of inane ideas that feel cribbed from the M. Night Shyamalan playbook.

  10. davehalb's rating of the film Intruders

    Starts out intriguingly enough but by the third act, this film is just limping toward the finish line before simply passing out in the climax. Like too many horror movies, it tries to explain everything but only succeeds in causing further confusion. Its worst sin: A bland, uninteresting "monster". At least Clive Owen is giving his all but, alas, he cannot save this sinking ship of a movie.

  11. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film Intruders

    "can't sleep" - "too much Coca Cola?" an appeal to all parents - protect your children, always... the movie was okey.

  12. J. O.'s rating of the film Intruders

    A murky, loosely-defined story about a hallucinatory evil that spans generations. Clive Owen is great fun, as usual, and there are some interesting sequences - but overall, "Intruders" is a pretty boring bout of the same-old.

  13. Glim Ho's rating of the film Intruders

  14. oldeuboi's rating of the film Intruders

    After the interesting set up, the film free fall into the bland territory. And the so-called twist was too easy to predict.

  15. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Intruders

    Very uneven horror film is well-shot with a capable cast, and manages a handful of effective sequences. But the clunky plot fails to generate any kind of momentum, leaving the whole thing just sort of dull and forgettable.

  16. Scout Tafoya's rating of the film Intruders

    Fresnadillo is a filmmaker who is truly borderless. His films are perfect representations of the planet as melting pot of language, colors, origins, and though they have specific settings, they could be anywhere and are fascinating in that he refuses to treat one culture as inherently different from another. The film isn't a masterpiece, but his movies will always be more interesting than most genre films.

  17. Norman1706's rating of the film Intruders

    Had a nice "twist" at the end of the movie.