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Ratings & Reviews

  1. paddelboot's rating of the film Inuk

    Die Handlung ist ziemlich vorhersehbar und etwas formelhaft. Das wird aber von den sehr natürlich wirkenden Schauspielern wieder aufgefangen. Manchmal wirkt das Geschehen wie eine Kreuzung aus Spiel- und Dokumentarfilm. Interessant ist die Beziehung der Inuit zu ihren Hunden; respektvoll, aber nicht so sentimental wie die der westlichen Musher. 7/10

  2. Achim Grün's rating of the film Inuk

    Landscapes are amazing, story is quite alright, but the soundtrack is truely annoying.

  3. Birgit's rating of the film Inuk

    Great movie! I don´t know much about Greenland, but it gives some flickering insight in the torn and contrasted culture of that country. The landscape views are stunning, as is the traditional (maybe somewhat romantized) way of living. And there is indeed a lot of dialogue!

  4. Jörg Althaus's rating of the film Inuk

    I really liked this movie. It makes me want to go to Greenland. Very atmospheric with a beautiful landscape.

  5. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Inuk

    Why doesn’t the director trust his ability to create beautifully and atmospheric visual sequences and instead uses an obtrusive und unbearable score which sticks like glue to the pictures? This spoiled the whole movie for me.