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  1. Photo of William Cameron Menzies

    William Cameron Menzies Director

  2. Photo of Edward L. Alperson

    Edward L. Alperson Producer

  3. Photo of Richard Blake

    Richard Blake Screenplay

  4. Photo of John Tucker Battle

    John Tucker Battle Screenplay

  5. Photo of John F. Seitz

    John F. Seitz Cinematography

  6. Photo of Helena Carter

    Helena Carter Cast

  7. Photo of Arthur Franz

    Arthur Franz Cast

  8. Photo of Jimmy Hunt

    Jimmy Hunt Cast

  9. Photo of Charles Cane

    Charles Cane Cast

  10. Photo of Luce Potter

    Luce Potter Cast

  11. Photo of Arthur Roberts

    Arthur Roberts Editing

  12. Photo of Raoul Kraushaar

    Raoul Kraushaar Music

  13. Photo of Mort Glickman

    Mort Glickman Music

  14. Photo of Leif Erickson

    Leif Erickson Cast

  15. Photo of Hillary Brooke

    Hillary Brooke Cast

  16. Photo of Morris Ankrum

    Morris Ankrum Cast

  17. Photo of Max Wagner

    Max Wagner Cast

  18. Photo of William Phipps

    William Phipps Cast

  19. Photo of Milburn Stone

    Milburn Stone Cast

  20. Photo of Janine Perreau

    Janine Perreau Cast